After relocating back to Boston from living in Florida for 10 years and being picked up as a freelancer for Sir Issac LLC, I had the privilege of building out a fresh iteration of – the main website for the Tourism Board of the City of Salem, Massachusetts.

I built this website using the theme builder Pro by ThemeCo. The build went quickly and served us well for some years before eventually being rebuilt. At launch, it had a robust filtering system for showing various tourist spots, restaurants, and hotels in the Salem area. It also had a sister site – which I also built using the same technology.

One unique feature of the site was that any Location could be added to an itinerary builder that could then be emailed to the user on the fly, with no signup necessary. This required the buildout of a custom plugin that I hooked into Pro and Formidable Forms. The Haunted Happenings website also used this same functionality, so maintaining a single plugin across the sites was the right approach for me.

Please note the current iteration of the website was built by another agency at a later date. I built the version that ran from 2018-2021 depicted in the screenshots above.